Knights of Columbus Cookout

24 07 2014

Held after our Social Meeting 7-21-14





Marigolds for Mothers 2012

12 07 2012

Here our Grand Knight, Jim Murry, presents a flower to Peg Marosy, one of the ladies most involved with the activities of the Knights. And boy can she cook! God bless, Peggy!

Marigolds for Mothers 2012

12 07 2012

Our Knights of Columbus Council handed out flowers to the ladies who came to Mass on Mother’s Day.  Here we see Jim Murry, GK, Barry Hickey and Andres Padilla, DGK.

Ice Cream Social, Saturday August 15

18 08 2009

Commemorating the Assumption of Mary and the end of Knights of Columbus Family Week, our Knights sponsored an outside Ice Cream social. Over 50 people took part.


Father’s Day Presentations

22 06 2009

Knights representing the Father Kidd Council presented St. Joseph Holy Cards to the fathers at the end of all Masses at Holy Family Parish on June 21 and 22.

CIMG1190, originally uploaded by Father Kidd’s Knights.

Hundreds of cards were given out. This complemented the presentation of flowers given to mothers back in May.

May all our men reflect both something of the responsibility and duty exemplified by St. Joseph as well as the love of our heavenly Father.

Happy Father’s Day!


District Deputy Report (May 2009)

1 05 2009

District Deputy’s Report
Vernon Hawkins, PGK, FN, FDW

The cold winter is coming to an end and as I write this article, I can’t help but think about spring and warm weather. The fraternal year is [10] months over, with two months remaining. Several councils have already obtained their quotas in membership and insurance for the Star Council Award, and others are very close. Now is the time for those councils to renew their efforts in order to obtain this very prestigious award. All of us should be filled with new energy and enthusiasm as spring arrives. It is a time to offer every Catholic man the “Experience of a Lifetime.” If you have not submitted the Columbian Award Application (SP-7), please don’t forget to do so, it is required for the Star Council Award and must be filed by June 30th.

May is the month we celebrate Mother’s Day. Let’s keep all of our Mothers in our prayers. For those of us whose Mother’s have passed away, let’s ask that our Father in heaven welcome them with open arms. For those Mothers that are still with us, be sure to thank them for all they do for us and keep them in our prayers asking that they have long, healthy and happy lives.

Don’t forget the Mother of us all, Mary. Be sure to pray the Rosary as often as you can, especially during this month. Ask her to keep all of our intentions in her heart and present them to her son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In closing, I hope that many of you are making plans to attend the 111th State Convention in Ocean City on May 15-17. It is a fun time for the entire family and if you haven’t thought about attending please consider doing so.

Let’s all remember to look out for ways that we can aid the elderly whenever we can. Remember: “We are called to serve”.

Vivat Jesus!

District Deputy Report (April 2009)

31 03 2009

District Deputy’s Report
Vernon Hawkins, Jr., PGK, PFN

April has arrived [and so has Spring]! With the arrival of spring a new beginning takes place with nature and also with our faith. We, as Christians experience a rebirth through our commemoration of the passion and death of Jesus and His resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Each and every council should be planning on how to improve and enhance your programs in the five areas of our activities: church, community, council, family, and youth. Good and vibrant programs are key to the success of each council in our jurisdiction. Obviously it follows that if we have interesting and enjoyable programs that recruitment and retention will be made that much easier. Not only will these programs attract new members, but also they will be useful in encouraging inactive members to become involved again.

Recruiting new members does more than benefit your council. When you offer a man the opportunity to join the Knights of Columbus, you are offering him a chance to live his Catholic faith in a unique way by allowing him to have the “Experience of a Lifetime.” Please take the time to offer every eligible catholic man the same opportunity that you enjoy by asking him to join.

I want to thank the Grand Knights who have submitted their final program reports. We no sooner close our final reporting period when most Grand Knights will pass the torch on to their successor. Every Grand Knight should help make this transition as smooth as possible and mentor the new leader. The Council’s programs for the following year begin a new beginning April 1, 2009, and it is important that your programs start off strong.

The District SIX Staff is always available to assist any council or Brother Knight that has questions about how to conduct a program or how to write a report; just give us a call. There is a lot of experience on the District Staff waiting to be tapped.