The men of the Knights of Columbus have some wonderful ladies standing alongside them.  They assist in spiritual, social, charitable, and monetary ways. Membership is open to any relation of a Knight of Columbus. Members must be 18 years of age or older.

The ladies of the Knights are known by many names.  Some councils honor them with the title of QUEENS, not only because they are treasured in the home but because we are all anointed into the royal household of God.  Other councils call them the COLUMBIETTES to distinguish them from the auxiliaries of the Knights of St. John or from those of the VFW). No matter what they are called, the Ladies Auxiliary to the Knights of Columbus primarily function by collaborating on activities, cooking for events and providing monetary help (from their own fundraisers). They also assist with setting up and beautifying the hall for events.

It is typical for a Ladies Auxiliary group to have officers and structure: a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. They routinely require some small amount in annual dues, maybe $10 or so.

Activities for such organizations include assistance for the Crisis Pregnancy Centers, assisting Women in Distress, charity work, flea markets and bazaars, preparing special dinners, etc.

While we are still struggling to formalize an official organization, our good ladies make a difference in all that we do.


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