28 01 2009

There has been a lot of fascination with the somewhat surreal “Warhol” like posters that President Obama used in his campaign.  I wondered what some of our men might look like if we had posters.  Just for FUN, here are a few samples:

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SK George L. Chapman, Jr., PFN Dies

17 01 2009

SK George L. Chapman, Jr., PFN passed away peacefully at his home in Laurel, MD, on Friday, January 9, 2009.

A few days ago an obituary matter-of-factly announced the death of SK George L. Chapman, Jr., PFN. Many of our members are new Knights and would not know him. His death notice noted that he was “a devoted father of Brian (Karen) Chapman and Michael Chapman and is also survived by two grandchildren, Cody and Corine; brothers, Francis and Paul; sisters, Geraldine Daily, Eileen Issing, Regina Shouse, and Claire Rollins; and numerous nieces and nephews.” Yes, he was a good family man and like all the rest of us mortal. But, he was also a faithful Catholic who trusted the promises of Jesus his Savior. Working to the very end, he was serving as Lecturer this fraternal year for P.G. Council 2809.

I felt his passing very personally and lamented that I could not make his funeral. We lost a great Knight of Columbus, a Catholic gentleman who epitomized everything a Knight should be. George played a part in the degrees that first brought me into the Knights of Columbus over 20 years ago. I can recall his strong and dramatic voice and the way he moved in his ceremonial robes. The candidates were mesmerized by every word he spoke, not just memorized, but words that had melded as part of him. Over the years, I would repeatedly run into him at the various functions of our order. Always busy, he even acted as a host for informational video presentations sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. You may have seen some of them on cable. A few of them are available on YouTube.

With his passing I feel free to tell you an incredible secret that many did not know about George. He was the altar server for the famous WASHINGTON, DC EXORCISM BACK IN 1949.  (CLICK link for the story.)

Just as his dear priest friend once used the words of the ritual against Satan, George never forgot the power of words and used his gifted voice to inspire faith and service in other Catholic men, particularly his beloved Knights of Columbus.

Rest in Peace!–FATHER JOE


7 01 2009


This one is cool, dig the alien looking angels!


This is a more traditional, come to the manger scene.  Great work!


Yes, going to church for Christmas! That’s the way too keep Christmas!


Very creative, this poster is almost like a Christmas flag!