Lunch with Santa

14 12 2008

After the heavy sign up, we had hoped for better numbers among the families.  Nevertheless, all who came had great fun with the games, pizzas, gifts and Santa Claus.  Here below is a picture of Santa, Father Joe, and a soon-to-be-eaten piece of pizza!


This ended up being more a Parish than a Knights event; however, we had many faithful Knights involved. Special thanks goes to our parish DRE Pam Rozanski for making sure that the event would come off.


YES, even the GRINCH THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS CAME… oh, excuse me, that was brother Knight, Dave Thomas!  It was a great event.  I hope that next year we will take a more pro-active stance in sponsoring it. I think we had too much on our table.  The Council Christmas party was the night before, the Memorial of the Innocents went up in the morning and I fear those activities exhausted our volunteers and efforts. It might be best next year to do what many other councils do– have an Epiphany party for council members, after Christmas.  We always want to put the children first!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Held on Saturday, December 13 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM , many thanks to those who joined us for the Lunch with Santa. As advertised to the parish, the cost was $5 and there were crafts, games, prizes, goodie bags, and pictures taken with Santa. 

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Our new Family Director Barry C. Hickey helped out at the recent LUNCH WITH SANTA and brought his own little girl. We look forward to great events for families in the future!


Here is a picture of our Family Director hard at work! Many thanks to those knights who participated in this important annual event; it was a great success!



13 12 2008

Charity Raffle Winners:

  • Alan Johnson (1st prize: $50)
  • Chris Manzano (2nd prize: $30)
  • Mark Manapul (3rd prize: $20)

We netted $120 for our Council’s charity contributions as our unique way of sharing with those in need this Christmas and expressing gratitude for the many blessings we have received throughout the year.


We thank the following raffle donors: James Murray, Ramon Evasco, Saturnino Foronda, Mark Manapul, Vince Hubbard, Mervyn Byer, Chris Manzano, John McInerney, Terry Reinhart, Perry Concepcion, Geony Provido, Dick Mewshew, George Johnson, Ed de la Cruz, Fritz Ian de la Cruz, James Marosy, Andres Padilla, Barry Hickey, Tunde Oyalowo, Daniel Njingeh, Kevin Renze and Alan Johnson.


xmas1   xmas2   xmas3

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n624138434_1296339_8437   xmas5   xmas6

Appreciation – Many thanks to those who participated in the Council Christmas Party. Everyone had a great time and the food was great. Potlucks do work!


Cemetery of the Innocents

6 12 2008

The crosses were placed on the property of Holy Family Parish in Mitchellville, MD. They are a witness to the sanctity and dignity of all human life. The display will remain from December 6 to January 9. That will take us through the season of Advent and into Christmas, just before the inauguration and the right to life march in Washington, DC.


700 plus crosses represent the number of abortions in one hour of an average work day.


It was freezing outside, but the temperature did not deter these wonderful pro-life Knights.

ci02   ci04   ci06   ci07

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