11 07 2008





8 07 2008


Because of the poor quality of the photos, I will identify the last two photographs:  Fred “Moks” F. Laureles (our former Recorder who now resides in Baltimore) and Francis G. “Jerry” Clark (our past Grand Knight). 

Okay, here is the challenge, now that we have had a smaller practice game.  Can you name all the knights pictured here in order?  Give it a shot.  There will be three mystery prizes, including DVDs and classy glass paperweights.  Dave Thomas won the last game (much easier) and won a DVD cartoon.  Here are the questions you need to answer:  (the one who gets the most right, wins BIG!)

1.  Name the knights pictured here in order…

2.  Which one of these knights actually belongs to Mother Seton Council?  What is his state position?

3.  Which one is our youngest member?

4.  Who is our current Recorder?

5.  Who are our two family activity directors?

6.  Who is our youth director?

7.  Who is our new Deputy Grand Knight?

8.  Who is the pro-life director?

9.  Who has replaced Dave Thomas as Lecturer?

10.  Who is the church activity director?

11.  Which knight has had a professional career in radio broadcasting?

12.  Which knight has traveled the world, even to frozen Antartica?

13.  Which knight is also a Hibernian?

14.  Who is our Warden?

15.  Who is our community activity director?

16.  Who is our Financial Secretary?

17.  Who is our Treasurer?

18.  Who likes to prepare chili for the enjoyment of members after meetings?

19.  Which member pictured above is in holy orders?

20.  How many fathers and sons do we see pictured here?




Helping Families in the Holy Land

1 07 2008

A vendor representing 200 Christian families in the Holy Land came to Holy Family Parish to sell olive carvings.  Given the difficulty or impossibility for tourists and pilgrims to visit the sacred sites, the Palestinian Christians are coming to us.

Our patronage can make a big difference for them.  The Christian population is rapidly shrinking in the Holy Land.  If we want the remnant to remain as witnesses to our Lord then we have to help them.

Many parishioners and knights bought the beautiful religious items to consecrate their homes and to help our courageous brothers and sisters caught in the middle between the local Muslims and the Israeli Jews.