24 06 2008

This is a little game that we are playing with council members. Below are the faces of various men, your job is to name the Knights. The first one to name ALL OF THEM will get a “mystery” DVD from the chaplain as a prize. Good luck! How well do you know your brothers? Warning: I might try to trick you!





District Deputy Report (July 2008)

23 06 2008

District Deputy’s Report
Vernon Hawkins, Jr., PGK, PFN

First, I want to congratulate Richard V. Siejack on his election to State Deputy and wish him and his administration a successful and blessed term of office. Second, I want to thank our State Deputy for having the confidence and faith in me to select me as a member of his staff as District Deputy for the 2008-2010 fraternal years. It is indeed an honor. It is my pleasure to announce that Bob Worthington will continue in his role as District Warden, and that our District Team will be enhanced with the addition of Charles “Pat” Springmann as District Warden.

As we close out a very successful fraternal year, I want to especially thank the Past Grand Knights, Council Officers and their wives for their outstanding support in accomplishing the successes that we did, at the Supreme, State, and District levels. Also, my thanks to the entire District family for your loyalty, and above all your commitment to making District 6 the best jurisdiction in the State.

I want to congratulate the newly elected Grand Knights and offer my wholehearted support and that of the District staff to do all we can to make your year as Grand Knight as successful as possible. Please utilize the resources that we provide for you.

All councils have had their elections, the Grand Knights seminar is completed, and installations are underway. What I find most encouraging about every new year is the opportunity for new and exciting programs and new levels of achievement. Each of us, working together, can make this the best year ever in the District 6 jurisdiction.

Membership will continue to be stressed this year. It is our moral obligation to ask every Catholic man and his family to join us in our commitment to our Church and community, to our families and each other. Through what we do, all Catholics will see our Order’s dedication to Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. If each of us dedicates ourselves to that simple task, your council will grow and prosper in numbers and strength.

Vivat Jesus

COUNCIL: The Dinner is a Success!

23 06 2008

Here is George, our Grand Knight, thanking all who made the dinner possible and inviting all to remain active in the Knights of Columbus!



COUNCIL: Auction Entertainment

23 06 2008

Oh no! Looks like Dave is drinking again!

What could be in the mystery bag? Who knows, it could be a priceless treasure!

Oh my, not quite a treasure… $17 for a rubber cow? Earlier he won the matching pig!

COUNCIL: Knights Having a Good Time!

23 06 2008

Three Brothers gave us a wonderful deal on the food. It was delicious!

Father Joe and our DRE Pam got the cake for us… we ate it up!

Everyone who attended the dinner/auction had a good time!

COUNCIL: A Fun Council Event!

23 06 2008

Geony our Council Director shares a few words at the dinner.

Below is our District Deputy Vern Hawkins.

At one point the microphone malfunctioned and gave Dave a chipmunk voice. I vote for using it at meetings!

COUNCIL: The Knights & Fellowship!

23 06 2008

Oops! They saw me coming and everyone is posing. What a happy bunch we are!

This table looks like they are having fun!

Below is one of the knights recording our event for posterity with his camera. I can’t wait to see his pics!