PRO-LIFE: Rosary for Life & Rededication of Memorial

31 05 2008

A few Knights and congregants after the 5:30 PM Mass on May 31 (Feast of the Visitation) offered a Rosary for Life in fron of the Memorial for Unborn Children.

Father Joe wrote the five short meditations for the Joyful Mysteries.

Pictured here are brother Knights, James L. Marosy and John Edward McInerney.  Joseph M. Hugya was at the Mass and out of camera range is brother Dave Thomas.


COMMUNITY: Flag Service in Cemetery

26 05 2008

A Prayer, For Those in the Military

Almighty God
We stand before you in supplication,
Asking Your Divine mercy and protection,
To envelop with Your invincible armor,
Our loved ones in all branches of the service.

Give them courage and strength
Against all enemies,
Both spiritual and physical,
And hasten their safe journey,
Back to their homes and families.

If it be Your Holy Will
That they be gathered to Your bosom,
With the eternal vanguard of the saints,
Let their journey to Your everlasting arms
Be swift and painless,
Where they may stand in honor and glory,
Praising You for all eternity.


For Those Who Mourn

All Powerful God, healer of hearts, bodies and souls, we ask that you deal gently with those who grieve and weep. Let them know that no servant of yours ever dies in vain. Let them cast the weight of their burden upon you, so that they might care for those left behind and remain faithful in their own duties. Give them the wondrous consolation of faith that all who participate in Christ’s death will also have a share in his resurrection. Remind them that where our beloved dead have gone, we are also going. The sadness of separation will one day be replaced with the joy of reunion in the company of all the saints and with you. We beseech you to wipe away our tears and to plant within each of us a rededication to you as your disciples.

For the Dying

We keep a spiritual vigil with the dying. Even as we pray now, there may be service men and women who are passing away from their wounds. While we cannot be with them in the flesh, we can place ourselves beside them within the wondrous mystery of the communion of the saints. Gracious God, we commit them into your loving care. We have many old warriors who were engaged in wars long ago. They fought as Americans have always fought, for justice and freedom. Many of our older veterans are sick and dying. What an enemy could not do, time and human mortality will soon accomplish. We are only pilgrims in this world. Real life awaits us when the shadows part. May we be able to do today what they did half a century ago in Western Europe and Japan, their sacrifices made possible the transformation of enemies into friends.

For the Dead

Almighty God, we beseech you not to forget your servants who gave up so much in the service of our country and as disciples of your Son. We also pray for our brothers and sisters of other faiths, but who cherish the same virtues and values that make America a land of promise and hope around the world. Death strips away our differences, and we are all brought naked before the judgment seat of God. Grant mercy and pardon to our beloved dead. Forgive their faults and perfect them in the fire of your love. Clothe them in Christ, the white gown of the elect. Receive them ever more and more into your joyful service that they might win the heavenly crown.


Final Blessing and Dismissal

COMMUNITY: Flag Service for Memorial Day

26 05 2008

The numbers were smaller than expected but we are fairly certain that those knights not in attendance were at other cemeteries paying their respects to our dead, particularly those who have lost their lives while wearing the uniform of our country. We know this is the case for sure with one brother who attended services at Arlington for his son. The Knights of Columbus believe that we should never forget our patriots!

Parioshioners processed behind the flag as we moved from the church to the parish cemetery. We sang the anthem and then the Deputy Grand Knight Elect led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Father Jenkins led us in prayers he composed and/or selected from approved military prayerbooks.  

CHURCH: Memorial Day Mass

26 05 2008

A number of the knights from the council joined the parish for the celebration of Memorial Day Mass.

Pictured above is our regular and faithful weekday reader, Thelma.

Here is our trustee and Grand Knight ELECT, Terry. He read the responsorial psalm and the general intercessions.

MEMBERSHIP: 4th Quarter Promotion

25 05 2008

In honor of the Holy Father’s visit to the United States, the Maryland State Council has notified all Councils of a Fourth Quarter Membership Promotion. For each new member initiated between April 1 and June 20, 2008, the sponsoring Council will be entered into one of two State Council drawings for a $300.00 annuity for the winning Council’s Chaplain or Parish Pastor. One award will be drawn for a Council assigned to the Bob Marlowe Agency and one award will be drawn for a Council assigned to the Harry Canter Agency. To qualify, Councils must submit their new members on a Form 100 to either the Marlowe or Canter Agency Offices. The Form 100s must be received at their respective offices by 5:00 p.m., Friday, June 20, 2008. We want to thank both the Marlowe and Canter Agencies for their support of this program in honor of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

SAMPLER: Knight Life Council Newsletter (May 2008)

22 05 2008

I was not sure we were going to see an official council newsletter or not and so I have taken the great liberty of putting another SAMPLER together for May. I recall that Vern Hawkins brought a sampler to one of our early meetings, but it was very cursory given the newness of our organization. I know Gerry “Jere” Clark volunteered, and is hard at work, but I suspect he was stimied by the lack of contributions from members. Unfortunately, this is common in most of our councils. The not so “secret” secret is that newsletter editors often become frustrated and do one of three things: 1) they give up; 2) they just throw a piece of junk together; or 3) they send incessant reminders to officers for articles and then write the material themselves. Yes, you heard me right; when officers and activity directors do not get their monthly articles to the editor by deadline they must suffer having the editor put words into their mouths! When chaplains are late the article from the state chaplain is substituted.

I cannot say the newsletter SAMPLER I did is fully up to specks. There is only a blurb from state and nothing really at all from supreme. There are events mentioned, but no calendar of upcoming events. Newsletters should also be ready for stapling with mailing information on the outside page… yes, even if most will read it online or by email. A few paper copies must still be made given that not everyone has a computer and that three copies have to be sent for judging.

I did not want our first, albeit truncated, fraternal year to pass without a newsletter. Much of the information is taken from the state and is simply material about what we do and about what others can expect. I helped with newsletters both at St. Mary of the Assumption Council in Upper Marlboro, MD and later at Dr. John Henry Griffin Council in Waldorf, MD. Dale Trott, PGK of St. Mary’s was one of the best newsletter editors I ever saw and his activity reports were award winners. It is important that we remain active and that we publicize our values and works through our newsletter and website.

Here is the newsletter SAMPLER I put together for May; consider it my gift to the council: 

Brother Clark will eventually come out with the real deal. God bless!

Protected: Activity Reports, Votes & Upcoming Meeting

19 05 2008

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