Letter to Potential Members

29 01 2008

Knights of Columbus Maryland State Council
Honorable Edgar D. Haynes, State Deputy
State Membership Team

814 Geronimo Drive
Frederick, MD 21701

Gary R. Armbruster, Membership Director

Phone: (301) 668-3563 (Home) (301) 980-0980 (Cell)
Facsimile: (301) 668-3644 email: MD.State.Membership@Comcast.net

January 29, 2008

Last Name


Thank you for stopping by on the weekend of January 12th & 13th at church to gather information on the Knights of Columbus and file a form 100. We held our information/formation meeting on Monday, January 28th @ Holy Family Church. The name for the new council will be the Fr. Michael C. Kidd Council; meetings will be the 1st & 3rd Monday at Holy Family.

Monday, February 4th at 7:30 P.M. will be the formal institution of this council in the hall. We are asking every new member joining to please be there at least 30 minutes early to register. Most men will be in coat and tie, however business casual dress is perfectly OK. To become a Charter member of this council, you will need to plan on attending that meeting; if unable to attend and you still would like to be a charter member you MUST call me immediately!!

If you cannot attend please call me – Evenings: (301) 668-3563 or Days: (301) 980-0980.

Thank you for your interest in the Knights of Columbus and May God Bless you and your family!!

Very truly yours,

Gary R. Armbruster

Cc: Fr. Joseph Jenkins, Pastor Holy Family Church
Honorable Edgar D. Haynes, KHCS, Maryland State Deputy