Welcome to Father Kidd Council


Instituted in February of 2008, the Father Michael C. Kidd Council is parish-based at Holy Family Church in Mitchellville, MD.The K of C is a fraternal organization of Catholic men that stresses responsibility and service in several areas: Church, Community, Council, Family and Youth. Their charitable work for the needy and the oppressed is well known. Our community is made all the richer because of their strong moral presence and social responsibility.

They will host a multitude of activities throughout the year. Membership is open to any practicing Catholic man, 18 years of age or older, in good standing with the Church.


The Council is named after Father Michael C. Kidd who passed away Sunday morning, December 30, 2007, just before 7:00 AM. Monday, December 31, would have been his birthday.

He was pastor of Holy Family Church in Mitchellville, Maryland for a quarter of a century. In retrospect, maybe it was fitting that he should go home to God on the Feast of the Holy Family? Our parishioners deeply mourned his passing. He was our spiritual father. He married our young people, baptized our babies, and buried our friends and family. He preached the Gospel and gave us the bread of life. He retired in 2005 and was assigned to St. Pius X in Bowie, Maryland. But, in many ways, he left his mark and his heart at Holy Family Catholic Church.

Father Mike was a member of the Knights of Columbus for over 51 years. He was a member of Mother Seton Council #5381 in Lanham, Maryland and a Sir Knight with Bishop James E. Walsh Assembly #1548, in Forestville, Maryland. In past years, Father Mike held the position of Chaplain for Mother Seton and always provided spiritual guidance and support. He made a very heartfelt effort to promote membership and support for Service Programs as a dedicated member and parish priest.


Knowing that many of our brothers are new to the Knights of Columbus family, Father Joe has established a Blog or web presence for our council at


There you will find ready descriptions of duties and operations as well as many suggestions for activities for Father Kidd Council here at Holy Family Parish.

I hope the council website will help us to share ideas and to communicate with one another. The MEMBERS ONLY page requires a password. This page gives the available contact information for council members. The HOME page gives this message, speaks about our institution and Father Kidd. The program or activities pages give suggestions and guidance about our identity and operations: COUNCIL, CHURCH, COMMUNITY, FAMILY and YOUTH. Given how important we regard the sanctity of life, there is also a PRO-LIFE page. Looking ahead, there is a link for the ladies marked AUXILIARY. Finally, there is the CALENDAR page which offers projected events for the year ahead. There are some good LINKS, too.

The POSTS are back dated to foundational documents and emails, particularly about various installations. All of our Council Newsletters are also stored here. Other news and alerts is posted as necessary. Several brother knights have been invited to serve as contributors to the site. I hope it helps to get the ball rolling.–Fraternally yours, George H. Johnson, GK


Dear Brother Knights,

I regard our new council with a fatherly concern and want all our men to know that they have my support and confidence. As I explained at a council meeting, my door is always open to you and I invite the activity or program directors to come and see me for ideas and help with planning and/or scheduling.

The Knights of Columbus turned 125 years old this year. While many organizations claim the label “Catholic,” our brotherhood has remained true to our holy faith and her teachings. The support that the Knights have given their priests and bishops has given me a sense of peace about the Church and an abiding hope for tomorrow. We make a difference and I know that many men and women will one day thank God that our council was instituted and we came their way. Remember the principles of our order and stay organized and active. Help each other, because there is so much more we can do together than separately. Every one of our brothers should be a leader who quickly responds to the needs of others.

I would like those knights who attended the Papal Mass in Washington to write something about their experience and to share any pictures that were taken. The Knights of Columbus were described by the previous Pope as the good right hand of the Church. Benedict XVI also knows that he can count on YOU!

Are you all getting COLUMBIA magazine? This month displays a picture of Father McGivney, our founder, on its cover. Read this monthly magazine faithfully. It is more than just news, but religious instruction, stories of inspiration, and filled with many ideas from other councils about activities. This month Bishop Lori, formerly of Washington, DC, has a good article entitled, “Our Faith’s Foundation.” Feel free to share the magazine, it is a superb recruitment tool. Show it to the young people as well; there are often articles about men and women discerning vocations. This month features women religious.

Know that you always have my deepest respect and affection…

Your servant in Christ– Father Joe (Jenkins)


Our first year was severely truncated. 2008-2009 was our first full year of operation. By the end of the fraternal year we numbered 80 men and won a dozen awards in the State Convention in Ocean City.